Beauty: Lime Crime Lipstick Swatches

LimecrimeUnicorn Lipstick Swatch-2

This week I wanted to something a little different. I chose to do a swatch video of the Lime Crime Unicorn Lipsticks. I swatched 5 of the 8 nude shades they offer.

Note: I am a light to medium skin tone with yellow undertones, so if you’re a similar skin tone this is how it may look on you.

Head below for the video and photo of all the swatches!

swatches; Lime Crime; unicorn lipstick; okarinaoftime; okarinaoftime
Top to Bottom; Lace-up; Pom Pom; Hoodie; Choker; Bomber

The lipsticks are very hydrating and smell like vanilla. I love how they look on me and just because I love them doesn’t mean you will.

The packaging is gorgeous and looks really good in my makeup collection. Though, it is very pretty the plastic isn’t sturdy. My friend dropped hers and it cracked. That is the only downside to the packaging and product in general.

The current price point is $8, the original price was $18. I think they meet and exceeded my expectations for the $10 price point, at which I bought it, and I might buy more now that they are $8.

Enjoy the video!

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