Featured Punk Sailor Neptune Cosplay

Sailor Senshi Tiara Tutorial

Punk Sailor Neptune Cosplay
Photo by Christina Grande

Sailor Moon has been such a huge part of my life since I was a little girl. I actually recently found my sticker book from when I was 8 and it had a whole bunch of Sailor Moon stickers. Any chance I get I try to cosplay a Sailor Senshi. 

The senshi tiara isn’t as complicated as most think – you just need a few materials and a great template. 

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5 Cosplay Projects with the Cricut Maker

Joann Cricut Maker Lilac Bundle
Joann Cricut Maker Lilac Bundle

Happy Spooktober everyone! Like every cosplayer, my favorite holiday is Halloween. To celebrate this glorious month, I started to make small accessories for future cosplays and for my friend’s Halloween costumes. JOANN and Cricut were kind enough to send me over the Exclusive JOANN Circuit Maker Bundle in Lilac (psst.. it’s currently on sale) to make my life a little easier. The bundle includes Cricut Maker Machine, Rotary Blade + Drive Housing, Premium Fine-Point Blade + Housing, Fine Point Pen, Black, FabricGrip Machine Mat, 12″ x 12″, LightGrip Machine Mat, 12″ x 12″, Single Scoring Wheel + QuickSwap Housing, StrongGrip Machine Mat, 12″ x 12″, Weeder, Wisteria, XL Scraper, Wisteria, Acrylic Ruler, 3″ x 18″ – Lilac,  and Extra Fine Point Pen Set, Brights.

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Jinx League of Legends Cosplay

Cosplay: Jinx from League of Legends Cosplay Walkthrough and Tutorial (Fishbone build not included)

Jinx League of Legends Cosplay
Photo taken by Boris Quezada

I have never felt so connected to a character until I cosplayed Jinx. There’s just something about her that feels me.. it might be because I play her in League of Legends. I love her carefree attitude and she’s also a total badass (I would like to think I’m a total badass).

Please head below to see how I made and put together her outfit, accessories, hair, and makeup.  Please note: Fishbone was made by my friend, Foam Forged Props, so that build is not included in this walkthrough.

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Pop of red, Pop of color outfit

Fashion: Red Winter

Pop of red, Pop of color outfit
Shirt (ShopBop); Jeans (Forever21); Boots (DSW)

HAPPY 2019! Thank you to everyone who put up with my lack of posting last year. I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep so I am not committing to a schedule on when I will post, but I will try to do it more often. Trying to focus on my career and still making time for blogging has been a juggling act. Instead of being the ring leader I have let it make me just the second act. This year I want to really do all the things I love: my career, blogging, cosplaying, and photography.

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Work Fashion H&M Blazer by Grace and Shine Photography

Fashion: Office Stripes

Work Fashion H&M Blazer by Grace and Shine Photography
Photo taken by Grace and Shine Photography; Shirt (American Apparel), Pants (Zaful), Blazer (H&M), Heels (Manolo Blahnik)

I’ve worked both in an office where I wore heels everyday and an office where I can wear jeans and a sweatshirts everyday. Office fashion always depends on what industry and company you are in. I put together an outfit that can be easily made casual depending on your company’s culture and if you’re a recent college graduate with an entry level position and thousands of dollars in debt this outfit won’t break the bank.

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Free People Diane Wrap Dress Linen Dress

Fashion: Summer Slowly Ending

Karina Cordova Free People Diane Wrap Dress Linen Dress
Dress (Free People); Shoes (DSW)

Summer isn’t over officially until September 22nd, but the fall weather is creeping up here in New York. I’m starting to plan out when to wear the summer dresses I haven’t had the chance to wear yet before it gets too chilly (once it hits 70 degrees I need to start wearing pants, I get cold easily).

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