Work Fashion H&M Blazer by Grace and Shine Photography

Fashion: Office Stripes

Work Fashion H&M Blazer by Grace and Shine Photography
Photo taken by Grace and Shine Photography; Shirt (American Apparel), Pants (Zaful), Blazer (H&M), Heels (Manolo Blahnik)

I’ve worked both in an office where I wore heels everyday and an office where I can wear jeans and a sweatshirts everyday. Office fashion always depends on what industry and company you are in. I put together an outfit that can be easily made casual depending on your company’s culture and if you’re a recent college graduate with an entry level position and thousands of dollars in debt this outfit won’t break the bank.

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Cosplay: Pinup Captain America

Cosplay: Pinup Captain America Walkthrough

Gender bend Pinup Captain America Cosplay
Taken by Grace and Shine Photography

For this 4th of July instead of doing a fashion look I decided to do a walkthrough of my Pinup Captain America. I wore this recently for Lights Camera Cosplay event put together by ScreamLinda.

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