Stocking Anarchy Cosplay

Cosplay: Stocking Anarchy Cosplay Walkthrough (Sword and Honekoneko build included)

Stocking Anarchy Cosplay
Photo taken by Punto de Aries

Second up for this Halloween celebration is Stocking Anarchy from the anime Panty and Stocking. Panty is my cosplay partner in crime, BlackKrystel.

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DIY Terrarium

IMG_6748 Terrariums make such great decoration for your dorm room, living room, or bedroom. With succulents and cacti being the main component in them they are such low maintenance house plants so you don’t have to take large chunks out of your busy work or school schedule to take care of them. Also, terrariums are so easy and quick to make. Head below to see a step by step but if you’re not in the mood to read here’s a link to a video I made demonstrating each step. Continue reading “DIY Terrarium”

DIY: Floral Arrangement

IMG_6156_1 With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend and I wanted to send my mom flowers and realized the flower company wanted to charge $80 for a small arrangement in a teapot, but part of it was the actual delivery of the arrangement was $49.99. BUT STILL! I decided on making my own arrangement with things I found around my dorm. Head below to see the process or click here to watch my YouTube video. Continue reading “DIY: Floral Arrangement”

DIY: Upcycled Metal Hanger

Since I did have a blog before this I decided to transfer some of the DIYs I had on there.

This up cycle is great for the fast approaching Spring and Summer months.The sun is finally out and now you have an excuse to wear those Ray Bans or those trendy shades you got at Urban on sale in the fall that have been collecting dust this very.. very long winter. And if you’re like me you have more than three pairs of sunglasses and your vanity is so cluttered that you can’t find those really nice pair that go with your outfit. So I found a solution METAL HANGERS! I have a million in my house,thanks to my sister’s excessive dry cleaning. This is the perfect way to make use of all of them.

If you don’t feel like reading here’s a link to my YouTube video tutorial here.

If you do feel like reading or pinning this on Pintrest just head below.

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