Pop of red, Pop of color outfit

Fashion: Red Winter

Pop of red, Pop of color outfit
Shirt (ShopBop); Jeans (Forever21); Boots (DSW)

HAPPY 2019! Thank you to everyone who put up with my lack of posting last year. I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep so I am not committing to a schedule on when I will post, but I will try to do it more often. Trying to focus on my career and still making time for blogging has been a juggling act. Instead of being the ring leader I have let it make me just the second act. This year I want to really do all the things I love: my career, blogging, cosplaying, and photography.

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Fashion: Monochromatic 90s

Shirt (Forever 21); Dress (Forever 21); Shoes (Converse); Photo taken by Leonel Salcedo edits by me

I did this shoot with my friend Leonel recently. I’ve been going more monochromatic/ black & white with my looks lately.

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