5 Cosplay Projects with the Cricut Maker

Joann Cricut Maker Lilac Bundle
Joann Cricut Maker Lilac Bundle

Happy Spooktober everyone! Like every cosplayer, my favorite holiday is Halloween. To celebrate this glorious month, I started to make small accessories for future cosplays and for my friend’s Halloween costumes. JOANN and Cricut were kind enough to send me over the Exclusive JOANN Circuit Maker Bundle in Lilac (psst.. it’s currently on sale) to make my life a little easier. The bundle includes Cricut Maker Machine, Rotary Blade + Drive Housing, Premium Fine-Point Blade + Housing, Fine Point Pen, Black, FabricGrip Machine Mat, 12″ x 12″, LightGrip Machine Mat, 12″ x 12″, Single Scoring Wheel + QuickSwap Housing, StrongGrip Machine Mat, 12″ x 12″, Weeder, Wisteria, XL Scraper, Wisteria, Acrylic Ruler, 3″ x 18″ – Lilac,  and Extra Fine Point Pen Set, Brights.

JOANN Circut Maker Lilac Bundle
The Cricut Maker in action

1. Princess Peach Crown

The great thing about the Cricut machines is you can use your own templates or purchased templates from Etsy or Patreon, as well as a mass library of different projects. I used Kinpatsu’s Bowsette crown template, which is free to download on her site. The template is a PDF so I took it into Photoshop to convert into a JPEG. I used black worbla for the crown and the Balsa 1/16″ setting with the knife blade and the strong grip mat (note: the knife blade does not come with the bundle. I purchased this with my own money from the JOANN store). This took about 8-10 minutes to cut and about 4 more passes* after the initial setting pass.

*Passes refers to how many times you have to press the cut button.

2. Fish Scales or Dragon Scales

I’m working on my trident for my Vaporeon and I wanted to add fish scales to it. ANY cosplayer who has cut scales, feathers, leaves, etc. by hand can tell you it’s a nightmare. I used the Cricut Maker to make this tedious task a little easier. I used this free use image I found online and edited it a bit on Photoshop then transferred it to the Cricut Studio. For as many scales that I need for this whole trident it will take a long time, but still quicker than cutting by hand. To cut about 30 scales it took an 1hr 30mins. I used the same settings as I did with the Princess Peach crown, since it was also black worbla. While this was cutting I was able to do some chores, shower, and other parts of different cosplays.

3. Akali K/DA Mask

K/DA cosplays have been everywhere this past year and Akali is the most popular by far. Using Kinpatsu’s KDA accessory template(I’m a Kinpatsu patreon and you should be too).  I took it into Photoshop to crop and convert into a JPEG. I used Cricut’s Iron-On Vinyl and placed it on the fabric grip mat, the Premium Fine-Point (which does come with the bundle), and used Everyday Iron-On setting in the Cricut Studio. I did a couple of different sizes because I wasn’t sure which would fit. I then ironed it on these dust masks I got on Amazon.

4. Vaporeon Ears

I grabbed my elf ears that I purchased on Amazon and created a template for the Vaporeon ear. I scanned the drawing on to my computer and traced it on Photoshop. I then brought the JPEG file into the Cricut Studio to cut. I used 2mm Yaya Han EVA foam, deep blade (please note this does not come with the bundle). For the settings, you need cut pressure 70, multi-cut 3X, and “more” cut pressure.

5. Sailor Scout Tiara

I used cosplayer Kapalaka’s Sailor Senshi Tiara template and brought it into photoshop to thicken the lines. In the Cricut Design Studio once I uploaded the image I got rid of the white around the tiara to make it cut-ready for the base.  I used black worbla and the same settings as the Princess Peach crown above. To make the raised portion of the tiara, I took the template back into the Cricut Design Studio and got rid of the white inside and around the tiara, this way the machine knows to only cut the outline. I used black worbla and the same settings as the Peach crown above.

Disclaimer: JOANN and Cricut sent me this machine bundle for review purposes. JOANN sent me the Yaya Han foam for review purposes. All other accessories and materials were purchased with my own money. Please note this DOES NOT affect my opinions on these products all opinions are my own.

I hope you enjoyed these fun accessories you can make with the Cricut Maker don’t forget to share.

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