Cosplay: Jinx from League of Legends Cosplay Walkthrough and Tutorial (Fishbone build not included)

Jinx League of Legends Cosplay
Photo taken by Boris Quezada

I have never felt so connected to a character until I cosplayed Jinx. There’s just something about her that feels me.. it might be because I play her in League of Legends. I love her carefree attitude and she’s also a total badass (I would like to think I’m a total badass).

Please head below to see how I made and put together her outfit, accessories, hair, and makeup.  Please note: Fishbone was made by my friend, Foam Forged Props, so that build is not included in this walkthrough.

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1 yard of light pink fabric (Got mine from my local JOANN Store. I find their physical store to have a wider range than their online store)

1 yard of fuchsia pink fabric (Got mine from my local JOANN)

1 yard of black faux leather (Yaya Han Hex Fabric $19.99/yard)

1/2 yard of black quilted faux leather (Yaya Han Pleather Fabric $29.99/yard)

1 your preferred clothes fastener. I used these hook & eye ones (JOANN, $7.99 Variety Pack)

Light pink shorts (Amazon, $11.99)

Fuchsia Pink Thigh Highs (Amazon, $9)

(2) Gold Belt Buckles (Amazon, $9.88)

(2packs) Plastic bullets (Amazon, $7.70)

Black stretchy belt (Got mine at a thrift shop, but similar can be found on Amazon)

Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves (Amazon, $9.65)

Fingerless Black Long Gloves (Amazon, $7.99)

(2) Rectangle Rings (Amazon, comes in pack of 10, $8.99)

[Optional] Gold Spray Paint (Anywhere, but I like going to Michaels to use my coupons) (Amazon, $7.97) – Incase you would like all gold pieces to be all the same shade of gold.

Beading Cord (Michael’s, $2.79)

Hot Glue Gun

JINX’S TOP (Sorry in advance for the lack of photos) 

Bra Cups

Jinx League of Legends Top


  1. To make Jinx’s top I used a bathing suit top of mine as a guide to make a template for the bra. For the template be sure to draw a thick and long area towards the top of the cup for the rectangle ring. Remember to leave yourself ample amount of seam allowance.
  2. Using the template and the black faux leather quilted fabric cut out the front of the left cup. If you already have some black leather fabric you can do the quilting yourself, but I found the Yaya Han fabric to be a time saver and had a high quality look to it.
  3. Flip the template for the right cup. I cut out 1 piece from the light pink fabric; the front.Jinx League of Legends Top
  4. Using the same methods for the front of each cup. I cut out the linings from the fuchsia fabric.
  5. Fold the fuchsia fabric 2 inches wide and cut on the folds to create the stripes. Fold the sides and create a 1/2 in seam. The finished stripes should be 1 – 1 1/2 inch wide.
  6. Grab the front light pink piece and sew the stripes on equidistant from each other. Once the stripes are all sewed on it’s time for the lining.
  7. Face the lining and front side (the striped side) wrong side out from either the left or right cup. Then, sew along the edges with a seam allowance. Repeat on other cup.
  8. After they are sewn flip the cups right side out.

To put the top together you will need the bottom of the bra and the halter strap. 

  1. Using the plain black faux leather fabric cut out a 4 inch wide x ‘your underbust measurements + 2-3inches’ long (see photo above for how will this look). Fold the seams and sew to clean it up, the finished width should be around 3-3 1/2 inches.
  2. Slide on the gold belt buckle to the middle of the strip.
  3. Using scissors or a seam ripper create a hole for the buckle’s prong to go through.
  4. To attach cups onto strip, pin the cups on your mannequin and then pin the strip at the bottom of the cups (note: if you’re like me and you don’t have a mannequin, you can request help from a friend of family member to use you as a human mannequin to do this).
  5. After pinning, hand sew the cups onto the bra (note: you can do this on the machine. I just found it difficult with the buckle in the middle)
  6. For the halter strap, pin the bra cups and strip onto your mannequin… or yourself, then measure the length needed to go to each cup around your neck. Cut out that length + 2 inches x 2 1/2 inches. Fold edges and sew a 1/2 inch seam.
  7. You will use that extra bit on top of the bra’s cups to attach the rectangle rings. Then, you can pin the bra back on the mannequin and measure out the finished halter strap to see where you will sew it and finish it off

(note: I personally didn’t cut off any extra fabric just in case I gain or lose weight between wears, to easily alter).

  1. Put the nearly finished bra on yourself or mannequin and measure where you would put your fasteners or buttons to close the top. I used a hook & eye fastener from a variety pack I found at JOANN, but you can use any one you feel comfortable with.
  2. Once, the fasteners are attached we can go onto the fun part the BULLETS. I used hot glue, mostly because at the time I wasn’t too well versed in different adhesives. The issue with hot glue is you they will fall off, mine did within the first 2 hours at NYCC. You can use contact cement, which will hold up longer.

COSPLAY PRO TIP: ALWAYS carry around a hot glue gun to photoshoots and cons. As well as a tube of contact cement. Not all conventions have a cosplay repair booths or they might be out of what you need. 

Jinx League of Legends Cosplay
Photo taken by Grace and Shine Photography


Jinx’s shorts were the easiest part of the cosplay, mostly because I bought the base of the shorts rather than make them. The shorts were rather big on me so I tailored them to my size. To create the stripes I followed the same steps as I did for the right cup of the bra.


Bullet Necklace

One of Jinx’s beloved accessories, other than her guns is her bullet necklace to creating this accessory is fairly simple.

1. Take one of the plastic bullets and take off the black plastic.

2. Using a hot hot glue gun find burn a hole on two sides of the bullet

3. Put the black beading cord through the holes and tie it off to create the necklace.

Jinx’s Bullet Belt

Jinx League of Legends belt

Her out fit is not complete with out her bullet belt. I bought the base of the belt making it easier to make. 

  1. I cut off the belt’s buckle and slid in the gold belt buckle to the middle of the belt.
  2. Using scissors or a seam ripper create a hole for the buckle’s prong to go through.
  3. I sewed the belt shut so it was one piece. You can use Velcro if you would still like it to be adjustable.
  4. I glued the bullets to the belt. Again I recommend using contact cement or a stronger adhesive.

Side “Pad” Belt

Make a template of a big ‘U’.

  1. Using the template cut out the ‘U’ on the black faux leather quilted fabric.
  2. For the ‘border’ us the plain black faux leather fabric and the ‘U’ template. It should be 4 inches wide. Fold the seams and sew, the finished width should be around 3-3 1/2 inches.
  3. Sew the border onto the ‘U’
  4. For the belt part use the plain black faux leather fabric. The length will be your hip measurements and add 3 inches x 4 inches wide. Fold the seams and sew, the finished width should be around 3-3 1/2 inches. I personally closed off the belt, but you can use Velcro to make it adjustable.
  5. Sew the ‘U’ and the belt together.

Arm and Leg Accessories

I bought a black fingerless glove and my friend gave me her motorcycle glove, which you can find on Amazon.

The fuchsia bracer was made from the fuchsia fabric using the length of my forearm and the width of my arm.

For the 3 leather bands I used the same steps as the other plain black faux leather fabric pieces. This time using my thigh and upper arm measurements. You want to make these tight so they stay up. COSPLAY PRO TIP: You can also keep accessories similar to these from slipping down by using fashion tape. 

Lastly, the thigh highs I got on Amazon.


I used Kinpatsu’s Jinx wig styling tutorial on a Arda Suzi wig in ‘Electric Blue’ ($84).


I really want to update this post at some point with a video makeup tutorial, but I don’t have the right set up right now to do so. So here is a written step by step until then.

Jinx League of Legends Cosplay
Photo by Grace and Shine Photography

Jinx has these beautiful pink eyes and are maybe my favorite of this whole makeup look. I started off with the contacts they are the EOS Dolly Eye Pink contacts from Pinkyparadise. COSPLAY PRO TIP: Put your contacts on BEFORE your makeup. If you put them on after your makeup you can get makeup and other harmful debris on the contact; leaving you vulnerable to eye irritation, cornea cuts, and even blindness. After the contacts are in, I began prepping my face. 

I used a foundation lighter than my skin tone to make it look like I haven’t slept in awhile (I assume Jinx just stays up all night partying and shooting at stuff). I used the Make Up For Ever foundation in ‘R230’; I’m normally ‘Y315’ ($43). I contoured using the Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette ($49).

I primed my eyes using the Urban Decay Primer Potion ($24). To create a plum smokey eye I used the Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions Palette ($27), I used the 3 dark corner shades and added a black from another palette. For my lashes I used my go to natural looking falsies by Sephora Collection in the style ‘Plume’ ($18). 

For my eyebrows I used a combo of NYX’s Liquid Suede Lipstick in ‘Little Denim Dress’ and Doucce eyeliner in ‘Blue,’ which I got in an Allure Beauty Box. As for my lips, I used the Lime Crime Velvetine in ‘Raven,’ but they also have a shade called ‘Jinx’ that would nicely ($20). 

I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough don’t forget to share.

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Head below to check out more pictures of the cosplay (Photographer credits under each photo): 

Jinx League of Legends Cosplay
Photo by Ben Tauber
Jinx League of Legends Cosplay
Photo by Missionfortysix
Jinx League of Legends Cosplay
Photo taken by Grace and Shine Photography
Jinx League of Legends-Cosplay
Photo taken by Grace and Shine Photography
Photo taken by Grace and Shine Photography
Photo taken by Grace and Shine Photography
Photo taken by Grace and Shine Photography

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