Beauty: Sunday Riley NYC Pop Up (Beauty lovers’ must go place this weekend)

Sunday Riley Pop Up Experience
Sunday Riley Pop Up Experience

If you’re in New York City this weekend (April 12-15) and you’re a beauty lover, then you MUST go to the Sunday Riley’s Pop Up located at 201 Mulberry Street! It is filled with fun photo ops, freebies, and a slide with a ball pit! Head below to check out my experience.

Photos are entirely taken by me and my friend Mahashree Rajendran

Photos are entirely taken by me and my friend Mahashree Rajendran

I have been m.i.a because work and personal life has been busy! Also I am aware that I’m wearing the same outfit as my last blog post.

This past Wednesday I was invited via Influenster to the Sunday Riley’s Foundation Launch event. It was a fun night filled with photos, free drinks and goodies, and great music. Walking into the Pop Up you see a small room with Sunday Riley’s new foundation, The Influencer, on display (review for that coming soon). I do have to say their range isn’t large, but hopefully they will extend in the future.

There were a lot of people the first time I was there (yes I went a second time and probably by the time I post this there will have been a third). The second time I went it was practically empty, which gave me more room to take pictures and fully experience the pop up. The second room had a bathroom theme, which was a play on to the foundation being “clean” formulated without any harmful ingredients. This room has two awesome photo ops. One being the confetti shower (perfect for IG boomerangs) and the bathtub with plastic balls made to look like bubbles.

You then walk into the main room and the first thing that catches your eye is a slide that has you land into a pink ball pit! Something I didn’t notice the first time I went because of the amount of people was the seesaw. At the time of the event they had a vending machine where you put your foundation shade (after getting color matched) and it dispensed your foundation. Unfortunately, it was only for the two influencer events on Tuesday and Wednesday. But, don’t fret because you still get some freebies! Now they have a wagon filled with deluxe samples of Sunday Riley’s best selling products such as U.F.O. , Luna, Martian, Good Genes, and Tidal. You just tell the person at the wagon your face concerns and they match you with the products that best suit you. (I may be doing a giveaway soon of the goodies I received! Follow my IG @okarinaoftime_to keep updated. Note: Sunday Riley is not affiliated with that giveaway.) Now back to the slide! You will want to go on again and again or at least that’s what my friend and I did. There was a seesaw and I had never been on one before so naturally my friend forced me to go on it… and I was glad that she did.

The main room leads to two areas on the left there’s a Photo Booth and a place to get your foundation color match. During the event the photo booth had a professional camera operator making these gif like videos (I can’t post it on WordPress, but it’s on my Twitter.) Now it’s just a cool area to take pictures.

To the right of the main room is a candy bar (not pictured) and two photo op areas. One being a bubble wrap corridor and another being a mirror room with balls of light!

All in all this place was fun and cool!

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