Beauty: L’Oréal VOLUMINOUS® X Fiber Mascara

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I got the L’Oréal VOLUMINOUS® X Fiber Mascara for free for testing purposes via Influenster. Influenster is a great platform that connects consumers with brands to test and review products. They send products in boxes called VoxBoxes, and this is my 4th one. Check out my review of the Lucky VoxBox here.

Before receiving this mascara from Influenster I had seen a couple commercials featuring it. It wasn’t something I would go out and buy, but I also have not bought a mascara for myself in 3 years. I get a lot of sample/travel sized ones from Sephora Play, Ipsy and free with purchase from Sephora and Ulta. The last drugstore mascara I used was a Rimmel London one I got for free from Her Campus, which did not perform well. I didn’t know exactly what I was expecting when trying this mascara.

IMG_3716The L’Oréal VOLUMINOUS® X Fiber Mascara retails for $10.99 and can be found at drug stores, Target, and Ulta. The packaging is pretty cool and sleek. I normally store my mascaras laying them on their side, but if you like storing your mascaras standing up then this packaging might inconvenience you.


The mascara requires two steps: step one is a black primer with an hourglass shaped wand and the second step is the mascara with fibers in it and with a c-shaped wand. This may not be an everyday mascara because of that extra step. I’m always in a hurry to get ready for work in the mornings and can’t afford to spend another second on getting ready. This mascara is best for going out with some friends or whenever you have a little extra time to do your makeup. OR you can wake up earlier unlike me.


The actual application of the mascara was pretty standard; just took a bit more time because of that extra step. That being said I loved the results because my lashes looked 10x longer! I’m accustomed to higher end mascaras so this was a pleasant surprise for me.

This mascara wore well throughout the day and didn’t smudge or flake. Since it’s not waterproof, do not swim or cry in it. The removal of it is a little tough because of the layers. I personally have 3 steps to taking off my eye and face makeup so it doesn’t bother me to spend a little extra time taking it off.

Overall it was a pretty good mascara, but I don’t think I would purchase after this one dries out since I do have a lot of other mascaras I prefer. If I travel somewhere and forget to pack a mascara, I would definitely purchase the L’Oréal VOLUMINOUS® X Fiber Mascara over all of the other mascaras. (Yes this has happened before and the mascara I purchased that time wasn’t great so I gave it to my mom)

Rating 4.5/5

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2 thoughts on “Beauty: L’Oréal VOLUMINOUS® X Fiber Mascara

  1. I love the idea of this, but the last time I used a mascar with fibers in it, it was a mess after about of constant use. Nice post though girl, I love influenster !!!


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