Beauty: Luxie Wonder Woman Brush Set Review


Wonder Woman was the first female superhero I saw as a kid. I watched a lot of TV Land/Nick @ Night during my summers in Honduras since it was the only thing in English on TV. There I saw the Wonder Woman TV Show and then later back in the states I would watch the Justice League animated series. Though I prefer Marvel, she has always had a special place in my heart. Naturally, when I saw that Luxie came out with these brushes I just HAD TO HAVE THEM. (note if you don’t want to read there is a video on my review at the end of the post or click here to view it)

Besides Wonder Woman being badass, my other reasoning for getting these brushes is that Luxie makes AMAZING brushes. I was introduced to them through ipsy; I had received their 504 Large Angled Brush ($16). It was soft, well made, and it was pretty. I later kept getting brushes from Luxie in a lot of my ipsy bags (I’m at 7, not including the Wonder Woman set). They are cruelty free company and all their brushes are made from high quality synthetics.

They also have wonderful customer service. One day after washing the angled brush it came apart. So, I tweeted about it and @’d Luxie. They quickly responded and sent me a FREE replacement brush and apologized for the inconvenience.


When I took the brushes out of the shipping box I was SHOOK! The packaging had an art deco design that worked perfectly with design of the brushes. The brushes themselves felt expensive and were well crafted. The set retails for $95, but I got them for $47.50 because of a coupon code they had for 50% off their best sellers.


The brushes consist of : (left to right)

Beauty Buffer 832 –  It is dense, but still very soft. I used it to blend out my concealer, but it was too big for my eye area. It was perfect for the other parts of my face and blended my concealer really with without any streaking. This brush is also really good to blend out contour and foundation.

Fan Brush 840 – This might be my least favorite of the collection. It also might be because I don’t know how to use it properly. I tried it with removing excess powder from baking under my eyes and it did a decent job. Then tried it with translucent powder to set my face, which it did a really good job, I just felt it was too big. Lastly, I tried it with highlight and its good if you’re looking for a more natural highlight.

Angled Buffer 834 – Like the Beauty Buffer it was dense, but soft. I used it to blend out my contour and I LOVED IT. It blended out my contour flawlessly without any streaking. This brush is perfect for contouring and maybe cream blushes.

Flat Kabuki 830 – I love flat kabuki brushes to apply my foundation! This was no different! Like the rest of the brushes this brush didn’t leave any streaking. It blended out my foundation flawlessly. This brush is also perfect for setting powder or powder foundation.

Tapered Kabuki 836 – Before a couple months ago I had never tried a tapered face brush. Then, I got a Luxie 522 Tapered Highlighting Brush ($24) through ipsy. It became my favorite highlighting brush. Then I got the Luxie 660 Tapered Foundation Brush ($23) and also fell in love with it. Naturally this brush became my favorite from the collecting. I used it to blend my under eye concealer and worked great. Then, I used it to set my under eye with loose powder. Lastly, I used it for my highlighter and it left me like a glazed donut. This brush is very versatile it can be used for blush (both powder and cream), cream highlighter, foundation, and setting powder.


This collection also came with a Wonder Woman compact mirror with her logo. It reminds me of her classic shield mixed with the movie shield with some art deco elements. The mirror is metal and has a bit of weight to it, which again makes it feel luxurious and fashionable. I’m always on a search for “nerdy” things that are fashionable  so this made me happy! The mirror is a standard double mirror; one side magnifies and the other is normal. It opens like a pocket watch, which I thought was neat.


My overall thoughts of this collection is that Luxie never seems to disappoint with the craftsmanship of their brushes. I hope they partner up with DC Comics again or Marvel in the future. Maybe even come out with a Wonder Woman eye brush set or sell these individually.

Though I got them for half off they are completely worth the $95 price tag. I will definitely be using these often in the future.

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Here’s a cat cosplaying as Wonder Woman.




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