Fashion: Glitter Queen


Halter Body Suit (American Apparel); Shorts (American Apparel)

I did this look for a concert at my school.

My makeup lookIMG_6469 was inspired by one of the looks make artist Kimberley Margarita did a while back.

I started this makeup look with my regular face routine, but instead of contouring with my ABH contour palette ($40), I contoured with my Urban Decay Electric Palette, discontinued. I used ‘Jilted’ and ‘Urban.’ I didn’t only contour my face, I also contoured my collar bones and my shoulders. Then I highlighted with ‘Opal’ and ‘Amethyst’ from the Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette ($32).

For my eyes I dipped in the Urban Decay Electric Palette using ‘Jilted’ and ‘Urban’ again. I used the Too Faced Glitter Glue ($20) on my lids. A good dupe is the NYX Glitter Primer ($6). I used the Make Up Forever Diamond Powder in ‘White’ ($25) and the Wet n Wild Color Icon Glitter Single in ‘Spiked’ ($0.99). I extended the glitter glue in a diamond shape over my eyes then on my chest and everywhere else. In my inner corner I went in with ‘Opal’ and ‘Amethyst’ from the Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette ($32), again. For eyeliner I used NYX’s Vivid Bright Liner in ‘Vivid Blossom’ ($7).

Finally on my lips I used LaSplash Lip Couture in ‘Phantom’ ($14), topped it with Lime Crime’s Metallic Velvetine in ‘Blondie’ ($20, which I got free via Ipsy), and then finished it off with more glitter.

When doing bold makeup its always nice to pair it with a simple outfit. I bought this entire outfit at American Apparel because of that amazing 40%-90% off closing sale. Like everyone, I bought every classic American Apparel piece I had been dying for since high school and simply could not afford. The only thing I missed out on were the classic high waisted jeans, which sold out very quickly. This outfit was pretty simple just a halter bodysuit and high waisted shorts. #basicaf

More pictures of my look taken by Emma Dugas

Halter Bodysuit (American Apparel); Shorts (American Apparel)
Halter Bodysuit (American Apparel); Shorts (American Apparel)
Halter Bodysuit (American Apparel); Shorts (American Apparel)
Halter Bodysuit (American Apparel); Shorts (American Apparel)
Halter Bodysuit (American Apparel); Shorts (American Apparel)
Halter Bodysuit (American Apparel); Shorts (American Apparel)

Picture taken by Emma Dugas

Since this outfit is from American Apparel none of these piece are available for purchase, but here are similar pieces.

Halter Bodysuit: Missguided ($18); Urban Outfitters ($29); American Eagle ($24.95)

High waited shorts: Urban Outfitters ($49)

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Here’s a glitter cat!

Amanda Barron

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