Fashion: Support Your Local Girls Club

Bomber Jacket (Forever 21); Shirt (Forever 21); Jeans (Garage)

I got this jacket from Forever 21 during Breast Cancer Awareness month, where they donated a portion of the sales they made of each item marked to Keep a Breast Foundation. I loved that it said ‘Support Your Local Girl Club,’ I usually hate sayings on jackets, but this resonated with what I stand for and that’s Feminism.

Feminism has gotten such a bad name. A lot of people think feminism is about hating men, but in reality it’s about the equality of both sexes. Feminism is about so much more than what people think and is bigger than  just one person. Even if one women don’t feel discriminated against, feminism is about all women. And not all women are equal to men.

Here’s this quote by Elizabeth Gilbert about feminism in a Q&A done by my family member Anne McCarthy for Ms. Magazine.

Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Yeah! I’m not dumb. There’s only two answers to that question. One is, “Yes, I’m not dumb,” and the other is, “No, I’m really dumb.”

I always think: just call yourself a feminist, just out politeness. Generations of women came before you and sacrificed and endangered their lives so that you could have the cushy-ass life that you have now. Just out of gratitude and basic human politeness you should call yourself a feminist. Use it as a way to say thank you to them. They would appreciate it. They made your life really easy for you.

Donating to local and big charities especially those that help minorities and women is extremely important with everything that is going on right now with our government. If you can’t donate call your local government reps, their phone numbers are easy to find via Google.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetMakeup:

I wanted to do a makeup look that was bright. So I used Sugarpill’s Pressed Eyeshadow in ‘Mochi’ ($13). I topped it off with Lime Crime Liquid Eyeliner in ‘Citruesse’ ($14).

I also used the Make Up Forever Excessive Lash Mascara ($25).

Bomber Jacket (Forever 21); Shirt (Forever 21); Jeans (Garage)
Bomber Jacket (Forever 21); Shirt (Forever 21); Jeans (Garage)
Bomber Jacket (Forever 21); Shirt (Forever 21); Jeans (Garage)
Bomber Jacket (Forever 21); Shirt (Forever 21); Jeans (Garage)
Bomber Jacket (Forever 21); Shirt (Forever 21); Jeans (Garage)
Bomber Jacket (Forever 21); Shirt (Forever 21); Jeans (Garage)
Bomber Jacket (Forever 21); Shirt (Forever 21); Jeans (Garage)
Bomber Jacket (Forever 21); Shirt (Forever 21); Jeans (Garage)

Get the look:

Jacket: Forever 21 – $35 (Sold out in the US but available in Canada)

Shirt: Forever 21 – $12.90

Jeans: Garage – $49.95

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