Fashion: Lace-up and Botton Front Trend

Lace-up Leotard (Amazon), Button Front Skirt (Forever 21), Shoes (TOMS)

Spring is here and with new trends.

Every store I’ve gone to this season has had a large selection of lace up tops and button front skirts. I’m so feeling these 90s trying to be 70s trends making a comeback.

The lace up top in 70s was really folky and bohemian and in the 90s it was really punk and goth. The denim button front skirts were such a staple trend from the 70s, and I’m so glad it’s coming back. I bought three button front skirts, two denim and one corduroy.

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Left (Pac Sun); Middle (Pac Sun); Right (Forever 21)

The lace up top I’m wearing I actually got from Amazon and its a leotard because every site I looked for a tight black lace up top was sold out. The denim skirt I got online from Forever 21. I loved ones I saw at Garage but didn’t buy because their x-small was WAY too big on me. The other two I bought were from the Kendall & Kylie line at Pac Sun.

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Make up:

For this look I used the Lime Crime Venus Palette 2 ($32) using ‘Fly’ on my lid, ‘Boot’ on my outer crease, and ‘Filter’ on my crease. I used the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in ‘Trooper’  ($14) for my wing. For mascara I used Benefit Cosmetic’s Roller Lash Mascara ($24).


Lace-up Leotard (Amazon), Button Front Skirt (Forever 21), Shoes (TOMS)
Lace-up Leotard (Amazon), Button Front Skirt (Forever 21), Shoes (TOMS)
Lace-up Leotard (Amazon), Button Front Skirt (Forever 21), Shoes (TOMS)
Lace-up Leotard (Amazon), Button Front Skirt (Forever 21), Shoes (TOMS)

Get the look:

Lace up Leotard: Amazon – $11.25 (You can find similar tops at PacSun, Forever 21, H&M, Brandy Melville, etc.)

Button Front Skirt: Forever 21 – $14.90 (The other ones pictured, Left PacSun ; Middle PacSun)


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Here’s a cat photo my mom sent me a while ago.




6 thoughts on “Fashion: Lace-up and Botton Front Trend

  1. AlienChild

    Do you think a lace up leotard is better than a normal lace up shirt? Cute post by the way and you have a stellar smile girl!


    1. I honestly don’t like the leotard too much (this one doesn’t have a button on the crotch) so it’s difficult when using the bathroom. Though the pro of it is that it stays tucked in my skirt/pants all day without having to adjust it.


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