Fashion: Grandpa Sweater Appreciation Post

Sweater (Savers); Leggings (Garage)

Oversized sweaters that look like they used to belong to a grandfather are my weakness. They’re the best for a laid back, ready to go to class look.

Sweater (Savers); Leggings (Garage)

I got the one pictured at a thrift shop in Connecticut called, Savers. I went there back in December because my friend, Molly, who almost always wears grandpa sweaters, told me I could find a lot of them there. So I made the trek with some of my friends and found this one.

Grandpa sweaters are great to give some character to a thrown together outfit; instead of wearing the typical basic college sweatshirt and yoga pants college students always wear to class.

This is one of my go to, ‘I don’t want to try today,’ looks. I paired the sweater with leggings to have the comfort of the basic sweatshirt and yoga pants look.

There are so many ways to wear a grandpa sweater. You can add a necklace, pair it with a skirt, or pair it with shorts with tights under.

You can get grandpa sweaters from a thrift shop, flea markets, or vintage shops, or you know your actual grandfather.

Sweater (Savers); Leggings (Garage)
Sweater (Savers); Leggings (Garage)
Sweater (Savers); Leggings (Garage)
Sweater (Savers); Leggings (Garage)
Sweater (Savers); Leggings (Garage)
Sweater (Savers); Leggings (Garage)

Photos taken by Doug Pearson.

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Here’s a photo of a grandpa cat:



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