DIY Terrarium

IMG_6748 Terrariums make such great decoration for your dorm room, living room, or bedroom. With succulents and cacti being the main component in them they are such low maintenance house plants so you don’t have to take large chunks out of your busy work or school schedule to take care of them. Also, terrariums are so easy and quick to make. Head below to see a step by step but if you’re not in the mood to read here’s a link to a video I made demonstrating each step. FotorCreated 1 You can get most of these materials from your local gardening store (shop local 🙂 ), home depot, or even outside.


1- Rocks

2- Charcoal

3- Moss

4- Potting Soil

5- Succulents or Cacti

6- Glass Container

7- Optional: Spray Bottle


1- Pour a layer of rocks about an inch or so. This will act as a drainage system.

2- Pour a layer of charcoal about half an inch. The charcoal will absorb the moisture and prevent mold from growing.

3-  Lay down your moss, note if its dry mist it using your spray bottle or sprinkle with water.

4- Now pour in your potting soil and plant your succulents and cacti and you’re done!


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