DIY: Floral Arrangement

IMG_6156_1 With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend and I wanted to send my mom flowers and realized the flower company wanted to charge $80 for a small arrangement in a teapot, but part of it was the actual delivery of the arrangement was $49.99. BUT STILL! I decided on making my own arrangement with things I found around my dorm. Head below to see the process or click here to watch my YouTube video.



1- Container (Something you already have teapot, mason jar, mug, tea tin, etc.)

2- Floral Foam

3- Flowers (Mine are from my local grocery store. I bought three separate bouquets together it was $33)


Picking a container is the easiest part; I picked all of mine from my dorm room the mason jar (which I recieved for free at a campus event) and the teapot (which my friend gave to me because it was broken but we fixed it).

1- You’re going to cut the floral foam into the shape of the container. Keep carving until it fits perfectly into the container.

2- You’re going to fill the containers with distilled water, or a Listerine Antiseptic Solution (click here for the instruction to that). I did this because cut flowers start growing bacteria and the antiseptic helps keep them alive longer. Then, completely submerge the foam in the water and let it soak for about 2 minutes.


3- Start designing your bouquet. I suggest to use a reference photo to know where you’d like to place the flowers, here’s mine. Note: When cutting your flowers cut diagonally to create a sharp end to puncture through the foam with ease.

Once you get the bouquet to your liking you’re done! These make great gifts for Mother’s Day, other celebrations, or just as a decoration in your home.

I made two bouquets for barely the price of one! This great if you’re on a budget.

Here’s a picture of a mama cat hugging her kitten:


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